The Puzzle page quiz - volume 5 - 1st May 2020 - WORD SEARCH

Thanks to those of you who entered our 'When they were young' picture quiz. The answers are now on our results page along with a grovelling apology for a couple of mistakes on our part.

This week's quiz was kindly sent in to us by Linda, one of our customers. It's a golf-themed word search. No prizes this week, but we really enjoyed doing it and found it really helped pass some time! You can download a printable version here

 quiz - volume 4 - 20th April 2020 

Thanks to those who entered the black and white picture quiz. We had a lot of replies but only 3 correct answers - you can see the answers and the winners on our results page

This weeks quiz is another picture quiz. This time there are 20 golfers in their earlier years to identify. We've road tested this one with a couple of our friends and they found it pretty tricky. Number 6 in particular is very difficult and we'll be giving a special prize to the first person who gets it.

This week, the first three best answers will win one of our golfing teddy bears - for the young golfer in your life

You can download a printable version here

We will reveal the answers and announce the winners on Sunday 26th April at around 7pm.

You can submit your answers below - Good luck and stay safe! quiz - volume 4 - 16th April 2020

Black and White Picture Quiz

OK, the last week's picture quiz went down well, so here's another one for you to try. 20 golfers for you to identify from some photoshopped black and white photos. First three correct answers will win a £10 store voucher. Answers and winners to be announced at 7pm next Monday. Enjoy!

Submit you answers below. You can download a pdf to print off by clicking here quiz - volume 3 - 10th April 2020

Golfers Picture Quiz

Here you go. Volume 3 of the boredom-busting golf quiz. 25 famous golfers for you to guess from the picture clues. Some more famous than others, some men, some women. You can download a pdf to print out by clicking here

Fill in and submit your answers below

First three correct answers that we draw will win one of our art deco sunglasses cases. We'll draw the answers and announce the winners on Thursday, on our competition results page. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD PDF quiz - volume 2 - 6th April 2020




Right, the crossword puzzle seemed to go down well with you (you can see the answers and the results here), so here's another quiz to help kill some time. To the left are thirty anagrams of famous golfers - how many can you solve? You can either fill in the answers below or scan your answers in and email them to us at - you can download a pdf to print off by clicking here

These are pretty tricky, so don't feel you've got to get all of them right. Whoever get's the most correct answers will win one of our golfer's pens (below)

In the event of a tie, we'll draw the winner, or maybe just send both people a pen, depending on how generous we're feeling :)

You can view the draw for the winners of the crossword competition here

We'll close this competition, reveal the answers, announce the winners, and publish a new quiz on Thursday at 7pm

Good luck, stay safe and stay tuned for more quizzes! DOWNLOAD PDF



Welcome to the inaugural cryptic crossword. It has been written by one of our team who is a keen crossword enthusiast  and most of the clues and answers are golf related. We hope that it will help pass the time during our prolonged absence from the golf course. 

You can download a pdf version of the crossword to print off by clicking  here

To submit your answers, you can either scan your completed crossword and email it back to us at or fill in your answers below and submit them. 

We'll randomly select one winner and two runners up on Monday evening at 7pm. First prize will be a £20 shop voucher and the two runners up will receive a £5 voucher. If we get a good response to this, we'll post some more quizzes and puzzles over the coming days and weeks.

Best wishes,

The team x


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