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May 03, 2019

Apologies it has been a month since I last posted a blog but I’ve had a bit of a turbulent start to my year as Lady Captain.  At the beginning of April, my Dad was diagnosed, out of nowhere, with leukaemia, so it has been a rollercoaster for my family and he is now in hospital having treatment.

My Mum was Lady Captain 30 years ago so whilst I am supporting her as much as I can, she understands that I also need to attend to “LC duties” and I’m lucky enough to have an extremely strong and supportive committee. 

May and June are two of our busiest months in the golfing calendar.  We have our re-scheduled Bring and Win competition next week (tasteful prize £6 - £8 SR Designs here I come!), followed by our Ladies Open the following week, then the Spring Meeting followed quite closely by the Summer Invitation.  To mix things up, the organisation of food and prizes for each of these is taken on by 2 committee members so that it does not all fall to the Lady Captain or Vice all of the time.  It also ensures that the prize tables are always “fresh” with original ideas and input for each “major” competition.

A question for all of you – we are having a charity raffle on our Open day to raise money for this year’s chosen charity.  The ladies are to donated unwanted bottles or gifts so that there is no outlay in cost for a ball or sock sweep.  Has anyone got any other ideas of ways to raise money for charity on golf days similar to a raffle or some sort of sweep?  Any ideas gratefully received….

We’ve also got our Away weekend later in May and then June also sees my Lady Captain’s Day so I need to start finalising my “format” for the day, prizes and giveaways for both events – will reveal my ideas next time.  Luckily I work in the right place for inspiration on gifts and giveaways………..

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