Exaggerated Rules and Burrowing Worms

March 06, 2019 1 Comment

I’m delighted to report that the “exaggerated rules” competition went very well and lots of fun was had by all.  The winners had 24 stableford points with 32 extra points for lots of “uses” of the new rules.  The favourites being accidentally knocking the ball on the green and having to replace it and another was accidentally dropping one’s sand wedge in the bunker.  The winning pair won on a countback for originality as they were trying to claim that a worm ought to be considered a burrowing animal!!!  The onus was on the rules and the golf was a bit of an irrelevance.  I’ve put the competition rules below in case you would like to try it out…..

With under 20 days to go now until I officially take over, certain people are now starting to give me “helpful” advice and there are a particular group of ladies who always like to “share” their thoughts and perhaps make suggestions as to how certain events ought to run or I ought to be doing so and so about such and such.  This little group are known as “The Past Captains”.  I’m sure that you will all have heard of them…….

Well I am very quickly learning and thought I would share my tips:

  • Always take a deep breath before replying.
  • If they have a question and you’re not totally sure of the answer, buy yourself some time.
  • Always stand your ground.
  • Always be diplomatic.
  • Never ever take personal offence if they are criticising what you are doing or proposing to do. Grow a thicker skin.
  • Remember that things do change as technology evolves, don’t be afraid of change and remind the ladies of this.
  • Remember that this is your year, your opportunity to do things your way and to put your own personal seal on it.

I will leave you with that thought for now………Vicky




Stableford foursomes (half combined handicap) or individual stableford (full handicap).


  • Putting with the flag stick in the hole is now permitted. To make this rule stick for the purposes of this competition, you must putt with the flag in at all times.  If you are caught taking the flag out (unless to remove your ball from the hole) by your playing partner/s, one  point must be deducted from your stableford score each time you are caught!!


  • On the (pick a hole of your choice with a nasty bunker with steep face) you must proceed to the bunker on the (right/left) side of the fairway and start the hole from there. You must place your ball (your tee off position) exactly where the flag is positioned in the bunker.  You can then choose what to do.  You can either play it (if so please remove the flag and replace for the next group) OR under the new rule you can choose to take relief out of the bunker (no nearer the hole, as far back as you like but on a direct line with the flag and keeping the position of where the ball was in the bunker in front of you) and give yourself a 2 shot penalty OR you can take relief within the bunker (max two club lengths) and drop for a one shot penalty.  When taking the penalty, make sure that you drop your ball from knee height, not shoulder height and do not crouch down or bend your knees.  Fold from the waist and use your core!!!  It’s not as easy as it looks!


  • If you need to search for your ball on any hole (having played a provisional if you’re in any doubt that you might not find your ball to speed up play), remember the new rule of only 3 minutes so in order to adhere to this rule, take out your phone or partners or borrow one from your playing partners if you don’t have and set the timer for 3 minutes. Failure to time your search time will result in loss of 2 stableford points (judged by your playing partners!)


  • As this is only a fun competition, play Ready golf at all times. If you are caught faffing and not getting on the tee to play your shot, your forfeit will be that you have to walk in silence to your next shot (and as quickly as possible!).


  • On all other holes, play as normal but you will get bonus points if you are able to follow any of the following new rules. Tick beside them each time you do (this excludes d) and i) below on whatever hole you played the bunker rule) and you can tick more than once.  Hand your completed sheet with ticks to competition organiser for point adjustment:


  1. Ball moved during search – replace without penalty.
  2. Embedded (plugged) ball – free relief anywhere through the course (except in a bunker). Measure one club length from the spot no nearer the hole and take a drop. (You are allowed to clean your ball if you wish).
  3. If you take a drop, make sure you use your longest club (except putter).
  4. If you need to take a drop, make sure you drop from knee height not shoulder (without bending your legs!).
  5. If your ball unintentionally hits yourself (or your playing partners) or your equipment (or that of your playing partners) there is no penalty.
  6. If you double hit your ball there is no penalty.
  7. If you accidentally touch the sand in the bunker, there is no penalty.
  8. You can remove loose impediments (sticks, stones, leaves, man-made objects) from anywhere (without moving your ball) including hazards ie ditches/lakes “penalty areas” and bunkers. You can also ground your club in a “penalty area” but NOT in a bunker.
  9. You can drop a ball out of the bunker and take a 2 shot penalty.
  10. If your ball moves on the green after being marked, you can replace it without penalty.
  11. If the ball is accidentally moved on the putting green, you can replace it with no penalty.
  12. All damage to the green can now be repaired including scuff marks (not just pitch marks).
  13. You can take free relief from any burrowing animal (not just a rabbit!!).
  14. Free relief from any dangerous animals!!!


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March 08, 2019

Who is following in her mothers footsteps, another wise old Past Captain!!!

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